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About Solarislive

Helping the art communities manage and administer their event

We take a leadership role in automating,
organizing and systemizing your tasks

Passionate about your festival but tired of the administration and paperwork?

About Us

Solarislive Incorporated helps the arts communities to manage
and administer their event through custom web-based software.

Organizing and managing events takes numerous man hours and our goal is to provide you with the best tools that make managing and organizing your event a pleasure.

Our own strength has been taking a leadership role in automating, organizing and systemizing the tasks that eat up way too many man hours.

Our headquarters are located in Burlington Ontario, between Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario.


Development Team Leader

Michael Reilly
Founder, General Manager

Mike has over 25 years in internet and software development, working for companies such as Microsoft as well as running multiple online startups. His experience allows Solarislive to stay updated and competitive using the latest technologies in evolving its cloud-based service while maintaining a high standard of security.

Operations & Marketing Manager

Barb Keck
Founder, Sales and Marketing Manager

Barb Keck is a managing partner in Solarislive Inc, a cloud-based service specific to music festival competitions across Canada.

Barb’s creative direction, design skills, project management, and analytical skills have made a strong combination in the success of over 25 years in business.

Her musical background intrigued her curiosity with Burlington Music Festival and was therefore recruited while in Rotary to be a board member where she served for 10 years, three of those years in the president’s role.

With this experience, in 2011 she became a principal partner with Solarislive Inc. The realization that many music competitions, contests and festivals could use this type of service is how The Solarislive Event Manager idea came to fruition.

President for 3 years of a Music Festival Competition
Active Board member and festival volunteer for 10 years
Owner/operator of a Website Design company
Bass Guitar Player


US and Canada

US office
Seattle, Washington

Mailing Address:
5063 North Service Road, Suite 100
Burlington, Ontario, L7L 5H6

Passionate about your festival but tired of the administration and paperwork?

your administration

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