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Solarislive Event Manager

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Multi Discipline

Specific to the
Music, Dance and
Performing Arts

How long can I keep my free account?

You will never have to pay a subscription fee.

  • A free account is fully functional and includes 10 accounts and 10 classes.
  • Onboarding is not included. Free onboarding training is included with a paid package.
  • A  free account does not allow you to accept credit card payments.

Can I upload my Syllabus?

You can import an excel file or manually add your Syllabus.
Instructions can be found on the Import web page.

How can people pay for their registration online?

Your participants can choose to pay by credit card and/or cheques.

  • Collect payments, simple and fast.
  • If you aren’t ready to accept online payments you can still use the traditional cheque method.

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The Solarislive Event Manager is specific to
Competition Festivals and Events.

An online management and registration cloud based software for Music festival competitions.
Manage and create your Syllabus, Schedule and festival registrations online in real time.

Specific to Competitions and Festivals across the United States, Canada and the UK