Solarislive Event Manager

Transforming how you manage your music
competitions and festivals in the cloud.

A service to organize and juggle all the details.

Our features provide many reasons to use Solarislive.

Save administration time, money and volunteer time.


Multi Discipline

Specific to the
Music, Dance and
Performing Arts


Coordinators can manage all aspects of your event administration online.

  • Manage the content – you have control of your pages without having to wait for your web developer to make the changes.
  • Avoid interruption – If your administrator for some reason is unable to perform their tasks it is easy for your festival staff/volunteer to step in and carry on.
  • Reports – view online or download excel files for offline organizing tasks.

Adminstrators can manage class registrations

  • Make edits to class registrations
  • Correct/move a class registration
  •  View and download reports at anytime


Import or manually add your Syllabus or Class Program.

  • Add images from our selection or add your own for a colourful, dynamic Syllabus.
  • Register directly from your online classes.
  • Information collected provides a registration list that you can download or search data online.

Syllabus Class features gives you the ability to:

  • Batch edit and update your classes quickly and easily.
  • Add custom questions specific to a class.
  • Add and modify fees, qualifiers, schedule time.
  • Group classes – charge by the number of participants.
  • Prepopulate a Selection title.
  • Deactivate or hide classes not in use.
  • Plus many more features you can control.


Registrants can choose their class, register, and submit payment in one step.

  • Create your registration form, add custom fields with the option to make them required or add a description.
  • Payment – It functions just like a shopping cart.
  • Access all the class registration and participant details you need through an all-in-one process.

Payment Processing

Collect payments, quickly and simply.

  • It functions just like a shopping cart.
  • When you make the switch to accepting payments online you can easily accept donations and other streams of revenue using this system. Your participants can choose to pay by credit card and/or cheques.
  • If you aren’t ready to accept online payments you can still use the traditional cheque method.
  • Automatically build your mobile friendly website
  • Add Sponsor logos to the home page
  • Display your Social Media Links
  • Link to important documents and website pages
  • Notice – Display an important message on the home page
  • Integrate with your website or use as a solo website
  • Customize your form and collect the data you need
  • Add your terms – they will agree to this at time of purchase.
  • Shopping cart – add your own products
  • Pay online by cheque and/or credit card
  • Late Registration Fees – activate and add your Late fee.
  • Birthdate Checker – stops users from registering for a class that is not in their age group.
  • Teachers, parents, participants, adjudicators and volunteers can create their own account
  • Teacher accounts – have the ability to view their student classes
  • Adjudicators – have the ability to see their schedule in their account.
  • Teachers and parents can add their children and students in their account.
  • Account holders can update their profiles, view their personal schedule.
  • Account Details – Participant, Teachers, Volunteers
  • Registration – search and csv download
  • Festival Transactions
  • Festival Reports – Adjudicator comment sheets, Venue Day Sheets, Conflict report
  • Printable Schedule – editable in word
  • Marks – add marks from your tablet or phone
  • Certificates – print from your account
  • Create, Add and Edit Roles
  • Syncs with your schedule
  • Volunteers can select a time slot from their account
  • Admins can add a volunteer manually
  • Onboarding is Free
  • Easy to view Learn section for every page
  • Tutorials on You tube
  • Knowledgebase – covers most commonly asked questions

And of course – the phone!

Drag and Drop Scheduling makes it easy.

  • Enter and manage your venues, competition schedules, adjudicator accounts, and registration results.
  • During the schedule process you can assign dates and times for venues, classes and adjudicators.
  • Classes that are too large? Use our split class tool.
  • Display classes only or with names in the schedule – your choice.
  • The participant can see their specific Schedule in ‘My Classes’.

Competition & Festival Reports

Event Day Reports
Your competitor slips, day sheets, adjudicator forms, registration lists and schedules can all be generated in less time than traditional methods. Having easy access to automated reports will save you countless hours and money.

Final Reports
The Solarislive Event Manager allows you to track and view the results of your festival winners and other details you choose to collect. These reports will help you organize your winners, scholarships, and other key details.



Easy to Use.

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The history of your festival provides valuable information for future planning. By using the Solarislive Event Manager system you will be creating a historical record of details for your festival.

As your festival grows throughout the upcoming years you will have easy access to records and information that you can reference that helps in the planning process of your future events.


Security takes the highest priority at Solarislive.
In today’s online and mobile business, ensuring
our service and data is safe from cyber threats
and third parties, is a very serious matter to

We maintain high standards to keep our service

Single or Multiple Events

You have the option to choose the model that best suits your competion style. If you run several Events at the same time within the year for specific disciplines, the Multiple Events is your best option. If you run several disciplines within one Event every year, such as a Festival, then the Single Event is your best option.

Anti Spam and Privacy

We Monitor incoming site traffic 24/7, and…

• Keep the latest server and application software updated
• Use the latest technologies to keep data secure
• Create preventive measures for keeping service secure
• We are CanSpam act compliant
• Our verification process confirms it’s a real user

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The Solarislive Event Manager is an easy service to use for event organization and promotion.

Bringing people together to enjoy location or virtual experiences through event management and ticketing sales.

Solarislive is a cloud-based software.