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Since the launch of  the Solarislive, we’ve continue to onboard many more Music Competition Festivals. This has resulted in many more improvements as we respond to our clients feedback. We strive to provide an online registration service that saves you time, and making your tasks easier. A major upgrade will soon be released in Septemeber 2019.


Our company is about inspiration, growth, and expansion.

BURLINGTON, ONTARIO — July 22 – 25, 2012

Solarislive launches the music community website and announces ORMTA teacher convention. Teachers were excited to learn of a website where they can promote their services for free. This resulted in the first listings in commnity website coming from Ontario. Solarislive offered a scholarship of $250. as a promotion to the launch of the event management system.

BURLINGTON, ONTARIO — September 20, 2012

A pre-launch sets the stage to announce the Solarislive online event management system to competition Festivals across Canada.

WHITBY, ONTARIO — September 31, 2012

The $250. Scholarship was awarded to Durham Showcase Festival.





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The Solarislive Event Manager is specific to
Competition Festivals and Events.

An online management and registration cloud based software for Music festival competitions.
Manage and create your Syllabus, Schedule and festival registrations online in real time.

Specific to Competitions and Festivals across the United States, Canada and the UK