How Accounts will work in your event

When users visit any Solarislive Events event or festival event page it will display the Solarislive Events header above the event.

Users can login or signup for a Solarislive Events account. If they have duplicate accounts with the same email address, at the time of login, they can pick which account they want to use – all other accounts of theirs are deleted.

Account information will be passed down to events via reports and used in the same manner as always. Account reports will be per event only. Events will have access to all accounts prior to this transition, via a csv file to use however they wish.

Benefits to Administrators

  • Eliminates multiple account logins and issues with the same email address across one or more events.
  • User will use one account email address across all events.
  • Allows users to join any Solarislive Events event using just one account
  • Provides users with one location to update their account information
  • Solarislive Events will handle all login, signup and account issues through online support, FAQs and chat.

In the event a person has duplicate accounts they will see this screen:

registration accounts

They will choose the one of the options shown.
If the can’t log in they can choose Forgot Password.
These instructions, along with help options’ are available in the Account Help under your information box.

If  you need further help please send in your question using our ticket system »