Virtual – Live Streaming Events

Virtual events are any organized online gathering instead of a physical location. The success of your event will depend on the interest in your topic, the ability to accept registrations – ticket sales, and promotion – getting the word out.

It’s about the experience.
Great for virtual lessons, workshops, entertainment, fundraisers, and more.

Your business doesn’t have to be an attraction – only something of interest to others.

Here’s a sample of the kinds of online events that your company or organization can host.

Training, Courses, and Workshops

A virtual event specific to your expertise can offer in-depth instruction and interaction around specific themes, skill sets, tools, and more.
If it’s educational, a virtual event is a great way to expand what you offer.

Behind-the-scenes tours

A peek behind-the-scenes. Only your imagination can hold back the ideas. A great way for art galleries, museums, theatres, and tourist hot spots to offer glimpses of what it’s like to visit. Your event can be focused on entertaining and/or educating online in the event they can’t physically be at your location.

Show your customers your story from the inside. Cooking, Knitting, Theatre, Art Classes, Museums, and more.

Performances and Shows

Everything from Stand-Up Comedy shows, Musicians, Dancers, and other visual performance opportunities can entertain and engage your audiences through a virtual event.
Expand your audience from local to global.


Even your fundraiser can have a virtual component. Concerts and shows can be streamed online so that people who can’t attend in person can still get in on the action. Contests, networking and meetings can also be integrated.

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