Custom Solutions

Everything you need for a successful festival, in one place.

A service to organize and juggle all the details.

Festival coordinators, you can manage all aspects of your festival administration online.
Why? Save time, money, volunteer time and best of all…
Avoid interruption – If your administrator for some reason is unable to perform their tasks it is easy for someone to sign into your festival account and pick up where they left off. You need not worry about someone knowing what your administrator was doing because Solarislive provides the support they may need.

Festival Accounts
Everyone has an account – participants, teachers and adjudicators.

Participants will see only what they registered for and the ability to edit their selection until a given date that the festival coordinator sets, and when they are scheduled to perform.

Teachers will see what their students registered for or which students they registered on their behalf.

Adjudicators will see their own schedule including venue, date and time.
With the account system you can encourage and educate your festival participants to login into their account and avoid mailing costs and being reported as spam.

How will they know about their schedule? – Your Event Home page and automated responders during the registration process can inform participants when to check back and login into their account for their schedule.

Email Spam act – the account system is one of the best features. With the new tough spam act laws in place you need to have a system in place that protects you from being fined, which can be as high as $1 million for individuals and $10 million for businesses. Learn more »

Create, edit, manage, your syllabus and have participants register directly from your online classes. It functions just like a shopping cart. This system will process all the information into a registration list that you can download if you need to.

Create your registration form, accept online registrations 24/7, and process payments, so you can get all the class registration and participant details you need for an all-in-one process.

Payment – Collect payments, simple and fast.
Registrants can choose their class, register, and submit payment in one step. When you make the switch to accepting payments online you can easily accept donations and other streams of revenue using this system. Your participants can choose to pay with PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and other payment methods
If you aren’t ready to accept online payments you can still use the traditional cheque method.

Enter and manage your venues, competition schedules, adjudicator accounts, and registration results. During the schedule process in the event manager you can assign dates and times for venues, classes and adjudicators.

Display classes only or with names in the schedule – your choice.

Festival Reports

Pre-festival reports
Your pre-festival reports are automated and easy to access and print. This feature makes preparing time-consuming reports a thing of the past.

Festival Day reports
Your competitor slips, day sheets, adjudicator forms, registration lists and schedules can all be generated in less time than traditional methods. Having easy access to automated reports will save you countless hours and money.

Final reports
The Solarislive Event Manager allows you to track and view the results of your festival winners and other details you choose to collect. These reports will help you organize your winners, scholarships, and other key details.

The history of your festival provides valuable information for future planning. By using the Solarislive Event Manager system you will be creating a historical record of details for your festival. As your festival grows throughout the upcoming years you will have easy access to records and information that you can reference to help in the planning process of your future festivals. By purchasing a paid Solarislive Event Manager package you can access the history of your festival.

Transition to Automation with an online competition registration system »