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Solarislive, is a cloud-based Music Festival & Competition
Event Registration and Management Service

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A comprehensive festival & competition management tool for music festivals across Canada.
Subscribers manage their syllabus, registrations, schedules, adjudications, awards, and communications with festival participants all in one place.
Data is stored securely complying with all privacy and anti-spam laws, protecting every user’s information and.

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Access and Manage
your pages & results

Your Event page
Syllabus Catalogue
Customize Registration Forms
Scheduling, Marks, Certificates and Awards
View & download your Reports

More Key Features

Accept Payment by credit card and/or cheques
Virtual Options & Online Adjudication
Email contacts direct from the system

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Feature Highlights

  • Virtual Event Options

  • Online Adjudication

  • Fundraising tools

  • Security is our priority

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  • On-boarding is included, and we will work with you to ensure you are ready to accept registrations.

  • Support is offered by emails, ticket system, phone, & video meet.

  • Tutorials and knowledge-base easily accessed in your account, along with best practice tips.

No hosting fees. No hidden costs. No setup fees.

Video Submissions are Supported and included in your yearly fee.


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Security takes the highest priority at Solarislive.
In today’s online and mobile business, ensuring
our service and data is safe from cyber threats
and third parties, is a very serious matter to

We maintain high standards to keep our service

Anti Spam and Privacy

We Monitor incoming site traffic 24/7, and…

• Keep the latest server and application software updated
• Use the latest technologies to keep data secure
• Create preventive measures for keeping service secure
• We are CanSpam act compliant
• Our verification process confirms it’s a real user

Solarislive Events is an easy service to use
for event organization and promotion.

Bringing people together to enjoy location or virtual experiences through event management and ticketing sales.

Solarislive is a cloud-based software.