Five Simple Ways to Promote your
Small Event on Social Media

Are you a talented singer, dancer, painter, or artist of any sort? 

Maybe you have thought about creating an event of your own but have been too worried about the success it may have. Promoting an event can seem overwhelming, especially if you do not have a big audience.
Here are some creative ways to promote your small event on social media to achieve the success you deserve.  

Shareable Content
Find content that best showcases your talent and post it on Instagram or Facebook. Showcasing your talent never goes unnoticed and this is one simple way to catch your audience’s attention. This could include a simple post of your work, a heartfelt testimonial, or a short highlight video. You can even simply post an eye-catching graphic highlighting the event details on an Instagram story with a call-to-action button to get your audience to re-post the graphic on their Instagram for more visibility.

Countdown Timer
Using a countdown timer on your Instagram story will create excitement and urgency around your event. Your audience will visibly see your event is approaching fast and entice them to buy tickets to the event fast!

Motivate your audience to attend your event. People love free stuff and a chance at winning a prize. The suspension of a giveaway will build excitement for your event.  

Creating an event hashtag is crucial to the success because it will spread awareness about the event to new audiences who would be interested in your event. This should be a relevant and/or unique (never been used) word or phrase that best describes your event. This hashtag should be posted with all content surrounding the event so it can be recognizable before and after the event actually happens. Social media users love posting photos after events, and providing a hashtag for these attendees to use with their content will help push your image even after the event has occurred. This is free advertising which should always be taken advantage of. 

Facebook Groups
Posting in niche groups is an easy way to reach out to a new audience that is interested in the same topic. Let’s say you are putting on a wine and paint event. To target this audience you may want to post in niche groups such as paint groups, mom groups, girls night out groups, and even some wine groups. If you target groups like these, around the location your event will be happening, it offers an easy way to attract a new audience. 

These are just a few simple tips to help you promote your small event and gain the confidence you need to host a successful event. Promote what makes your work unique so your audience can build a connection with it. If there is a connection, your audience will be enticed to attend the event!

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