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Are you trying to host an event online?

The 3 key elements are…
Planning. Creating. Promoting.

What you need to know to host an online show
and sell tickets or accept donations.

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Your first step is the preliminary planning of the event. Determine what your next steps will be by answering these questions.

Where will your event take place?
Is the live event taking place at one location, or will your performers be joining in from different locations?

Who will be the videographer?
Hiring a professional will no doubt produce a more enjoyable event. However, it may not be feasible if you are live streaming, and your performers are in different locations.

Live Stream or Pre-recorded?
Livestreaming means simultaneously record and broadcast as it happens.
Pre-recorded, is just that, you can record the event and decide when, where, and how you want your audience to view it.
Both require a platform that allows the media, live or recorded to stream (deliver) the content to your computer, phone, or TV and not have to wait for a download.

Common forms of streaming content are Podcasts, webcasts, movies, and music videos.

Will you sell tickets?
When deciding on your ticket price consider any costs you may need to cover, such as production, hosting, etc.

Scheduling your date
Plan a date to avoid potential conflicts your audience might have.
Choosing a date will also depend on the option you chose to deliver your event.

create event online


Your second step is to create the event.

Choose a Platform

You’ll need to decide where you want to host your show. There are several live streaming or pre-recorded options.

Start by creating your own youtube channel.
You can live stream or upload your video – make it private and provide a password to your audience.

Create an account on this video-sharing platform allows you to create high-quality videos to share with your audience including live streaming.

GET CREATIVE during the production

Include applauding – have assistants clapping during the recording.
Presenting scholarships? Include a background with someone holding trophies.
Thank your audience.
Include Credits at the end.

promote your event


Next you will want to publish your event online for the public to find.

Try our Free Event tool.

Create your event page
Promote your event with a free personal or business web page
Create your event page in minutes with easy to follow steps

Create and Sell Tickets to your event
Add your fee, and other ticket details.
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Publish & Promote

Your personalized web page link can be promoted on your website, to your email list, and to social media groups.

Your web page lets you publicize and inform your important event information.

  • Your event date and time
  • How they can access your event
  • The cost or if it is free
  • Who is performing
  • What they can expect
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