Solarislive Pricing Policies

Pricing Policies for

Parked Mode, Upgrade, Downgrade,

Subscription and Prorate Fees.

Subscription Fees

Subscription Fees
Fees are automatically processed on a valid credit card on the your billing date.
If your credit card expires there is a 15 day grace period to provide us with a new expiry date or a new valid credit card.
After this grace period your event page will no longer be accessible until we receive payment, which at that time your event will be reactivated.
If your account is not paid within 60 days your account will be deleted and unrecoverable.


Subscription Upgrade Fees
Fees are charged when you change your subscription package, the amount charged will be the difference bewteen your existing package and your upgraded package.

Parked Mode

If your service is in Parked Mode, you will be able to login the Solarislive Event Manager at, but will not have any access to any of the features in the Solarislive Event Manager. To enable and disable Parked Mode, contact a Solarislive support person. The Parked Mode pricing will be at 50% of the service package price you were at 2 months prior, or within the last 2 months of, the day your service goes into Parked Mode, whichever is higher. Parked Mode status and pricing will start the next billing date after the date you want your service to go into Parked Mode.


Prorate Fees
Fees are charged when you move from parked to unparked before your billing date.
These fees are calculated by the number of days from the day of change request to your billing date, multiplied by the cost per day of your subscription fee and this amount is charged to your credit card.

Service Package Downgrades

You can only downgrade your Entries to the level amounts supported of the highest entries amount of any of your events within the last 12 months. You can downgrade your Accounts or Registrant Accounts, if the current level amounts are below the level amounts you want to downgrade to. Downgrade pricing will start the next billing date after the date you want your service package downgraded. Service package downgrades can not occur when you are in Parked mode.

Effective Date: January, 2020